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UfM Ministers launch a new Research and Innovation Agenda for the Mediterranean region

The first Ministerial Conference on Research and Innovation of the Union for the Mediterranean was held on the 27th of July. Research and Innovation Ministers from the 42 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) met for the first time to discuss ways to promote scientific cooperation on climate change, renewable energy and health. 

The Research and Innovation Ministerial declaration seeks to exploit the potential of research and innovation, to increase the resilience of the Euro-Mediterranean region against environmental, food security and socio economic challenges, as well as to promote science diplomacy. 

In the framework of UfM current promotion of projects the BlueSkills Initiative can be identified as one of them. The BlueSkills project promotes opportunities for “Blue” marine and maritime careers by developing skills, exchanging knowledge and valorising research for a more sustainable Mediterranean Sea. By supporting the Euro-Mediterranean communities of the Blue Economy stakeholders through higher education, research and innovation, the project enhances the shared knowledge of the Mediterranean Region.