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About us

As a Trans-Mediterranean initiative, the “raison d'être” of the Dialogue 5+5 is to ensure closer cooperation between the five EU Member States and the five Arab Maghreb Countries through political dialogue and cooperation and by encouraging more effective resource management as a means of strengthening interdependence and regional development.

To stimulate growth and employment, the Dialogue 5+5 countries should deploy more efforts to promote entrepreneurship, a powerful engine of shared prosperity. In fact, the creation and growth of enterprises promotes employment and development of new skills, reinforces innovation and increases market potentials.

Many countries are engaged in processes of reforming their political, economic and social systems to stimulate investment, to encourage initiative and to foster strong economic partnerships that are essential throughout the Western Mediterranean region.

Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries need to revitalize their economies to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for the purpose of developing disadvantaged regions and enhancing job creation in line with international labour market standards. Research, innovation and higher education play a key role in job creation. There is a need for solid framework of cooperation and conducive synergies among the ten countries. Confronted with several challenges, the Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries are invited to deepen their partnership to further stimulate economic growth and social stability.

In this context, Dialogue 5+5 countries are encouraged to continue cooperation with the Secretariat of the UfM and build on possible synergies with relevant UfM initiatives and projects such as the Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs), the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes and the EMUNI University.

The Work Programme 2017-2018 aims to further consolidate the actions identified in the Work Programme 2015-2016, and proposes concrete collaborative programs/actions in-line with up-to-date priorities of the Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries in the field of research, innovation and higher education. These actions necessitate financial resources that can be collected from national budgets with possible support from the private sector and regional and international donors.

The implementation of the Work Programme 2017-2018 calls for the collaboration of all stakeholders involved in cooperation in the fields of research, innovation and higher education.

The main objectives of the present Work Programme are:

  1. Institutionalize partnership and scientific and technological cooperation among member countries of the Dialogue 5+5;
  2. Consolidate the actions identified in the Work Programme 2015-2016;
  3. Improve the nice atmosphere of scientific and technological cooperation, promote entrepreneurship and the quality of higher education;
  4. Encourage higher education institutions to innovate, export, import and internationalize;
  5. Develop activities in the Dialogue 5+5 priority research areas and higher education.

These objectives are structured into specific activities that are detailed in the following actions identified in the Work Programme 2017-2018 (other Dialogue 5+5 Countries may join additionally throughout the duration of the Work Program).