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To stimulate growth and employment, the 5+5 Dialogue countries should deploy more efforts to promote entrepreneurship, a powerful engine of shared prosperity. In fact, the creation and growth of enterprises promotes employment and development of new skills, reinforces innovation and increases market potentials.

Many countries are engaged in processes of reforming their political, economic and social systems to stimulate investment, to encourage initiative and to foster strong economic partnerships that are essential throughout the Western Mediterranean region.
Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries need to revitalize their economies to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for the purpose of developing disadvantaged regions and enhancing job creation in line with international labour market standards. Research, innovation and higher education play a key role in job creation. There is a need for solid framework of cooperation and conducive synergies among the ten countries.
Confronted with several challenges, the Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries are invited to deepen their partnership to further stimulate economic growth and social stability.
In this context, Dialogue 5+5 countries are encouraged to continue cooperation with the Secretariat of the UfM and build on possible synergies with relevant UfM initiatives and projects such as the Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs), the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes and the EMUNI University.

The Work Programme 2017-2018 aims to further consolidate the actions identified in the Work Programme 2015-2016, and proposes concrete collaborative programs/actions in-line with up-to-date priorities of the Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries in the field of research, innovation and higher education. These actions necessitate financial resources that can be collected from national budgets with possible support from the private sector and regional and international donors.

The Group of Senior Officials

The Dialogue 5+5 Ministerial Conference on Research, Innovation and Higher Education celebrated in March 2015 in Madrid (Spain) has agreed on the creation of a “High Level Group”, later renamed as “Group of Senior Officials” (GSO) to align its name to other GSOs created in the context of Dialogue 5+5.


Mohand Tahar Belaroussi Director of Research Programming, Evaluation and Prospecting

Noureddine Meddad Advisor in charge of Studies and Synthesis

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


Benoit Labat Deputy Head of the Department Strategy, Expertise and Management of International Cooperation Programs

Antoine Weexsteen Department Strategy, Expertise and Management of International Cooperation

Mission Europe et international pour la recherche, l'innovation et l'enseignement supérieur


Maria Cristina Pedicchio President

Mounir Ghribi International Cooperation and Strategic Partnerships

Angelo Camerlenghi Director

National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics


Faycel Abdeladhim Abdelli President

Oussama Noureddine Fazzani Director General, National Quality Center

Libyan Agency for Research, Education and Technology


Ian Gauci Borda Project Manager The Malta Council For Science and Technology

Maurice Grupetta Advisor Ministry of Education and Employment


Ali Mohamed Salem Boukhary Director of Scientific Research and Innovation

Ali Mohamed Salem Director of Scientific Research

University of Nouakchott Al Aasriya


Susana Catita Advisor Ministry for Science, Technology and Higher Education

Maria Maia Senior Science Officer, International Relations Department Foundation for Science and Technology


Gonzalo León Deputy Rector for Innovation Partnership Polytechnic University of Madrid

Teresa Díez Iturrioz Advisor, Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness


Slim Choura Director General of International Cooperation

Abdelmajid Ben Amara Director General of Scientific Research

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research



Ikebrou Sedigh Director

Abedelkhalek Medjber Chief division

Human Development Department


Maria Cristina Russo Director of International Cooperation

Christopher Gauci Policy Officer

Research and Innovation Directorate General



Tunis Declaration (2017)

The Ministers in charge of Research, Innovation and Higher Education in the Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries of the Western Mediterranean, lastly met on the occasion of the Third Ministerial Conference on Research, Innovation and Higher Education, in Tunis on March 31, 2017 in presence of the European Commission, the General Secretariat of the Arab Maghreb Union, and the General Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean.