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In the Western Mediterranean, the links between researchers from the Northern and Southern Shores have been forged for decades throughout long periods of training, teaching and research in the different training and research structures. They have gradually built a sustainable network through close relationships with symbiotic and complementary exchanges. This historical dimension of scientific networks of human flows and design of common scientific and intellectual projects is distinguishable and quantifiable.



Setting-up of an instrument for networking and strengthening the potential of the Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries to compete for available funding mechanisms (H2020 and other funding instruments)

Lead country: Italy
Partnering countries: All countries

The objective of this instrument is to encourage researchers of the Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries to developing North-South networks dedicated to the public and private research trough the formation of a panel of skills and disciplines defined according to the theme. These networks will address priority issues with anticipated scientific, technological and societal impact.