5 + 5 Dialogue - country flags

Partnership in Scientific Research, Innovation and Higher Education to promote cooperation, social cohesion, youth employment and sustainable development in the Western.

The 5+5 Dialogue countries encourage and support the links between the training and research centres of the Northern and Southern shores of the Western Mediterranean. The partner countries hereby believe in scientific cooperation to improve international relations and dialogue (Science Diplomacy).

A1. Supporting Western Mediterranean partnerships, Consortium and Initiatives through European and International Programme funding related to Research, Innovation and Higher Education.

Lead country: Italy and Malta

The objective of this action is to encourage researchers of the 5+5 Dialogue countries to develop networks dedicated to both public and private research. These networks will address priority issues at regional and national levels with anticipated scientific, technological and societal impact. Such an instrument aims to strengthen academic and innovative leadership, facilitating researchers' access to European funding schemes as well as the participation in international programs of scientific excellence and multilateral initiatives involving countries of the Western Mediterranean Region.

A1.1. Supporting tool for networking

Lead country: Malta and Morocco

To continue fostering collaboration in R&I in the various European and international funding programmes, this action aims to engage with the 5+5 Dialogue countries’ national institutions in charge of Research and Innovation, and through partnerships with Plumtri, establish contact points for liaison on R&I opportunities at the Mediterranean level. Plumtri is an online platform for research and innovation in the Mediterranean.

A1.2. Strengthen the established network of National Contact Points to actively participate in international calls

Lead country: Morocco and Malta

The objective is to encourage researchers of the 5+5 Dialogue countries from public and private institutions to participate actively in European calls for projects (Horizon Europe, PRIMA Programme, ERASMUS+, amongst others). This action aims to strengthen interactions and cooperation between researchers from the 5+5 Dialogue countries, through the network of national contact points (NCPs).