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Strengthening cooperation in research, innovation and higher education for promoting sustainable economic growth, social inclusion and creating new opportunities for youth in the Western Mediterranean Region

The Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries agreed on the importance of research and higher education for the development of knowledge, the promotion of technologies and national innovation systems for the purpose of attaining socioeconomic growth and bearing the different challenges such as, unemployment, economic underdevelopment, environmental degradation, shortage of natural resources and serious scarcity of water and energy.



Creating New Opportunities for Youth

Lead: Spain, Algeria

The Dialogue 5+5 Member Countries have agreed on opening new opportunities for youth people, researchers, technicians, etc., in relation to technology entrepreneurship, in close alignment with the general objective of the 4th Ministerial Conference.
This action may also benefit and benefit from the work done under the Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs) Initiative promoted by the Union for the Mediterranean.


Technology Transfer and improving Intellectual Property Management Capacity

Lead: Tunisia, Spain

The primary purpose of this programme is to strengthen the intellectual property management capacity at national and international level, and to promote intellectual property culture in "5+5 Dialogue countries".


Development and Implementation of Open Innovation ans Smart Specialization Strategies in the Dialogue 5+5 Memeber Countries

Lead country: Tunisia

The Regional Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization (RIS3) is an initiative of the European commission that sets priorities at national and regional levels. It is an innovative approach aimed at stimulating economic growth and jobs and awards regions the identification and development of their competitive advantages. Through its partnership approach - based on demand - smart specialization mobilizes local authorities, academia actors, the economic sphere and civil society to work together for the development and implementation of long-term regional development strategies. The 5+5 countries are aware of the necessity to adopt this model of development to face social and economic challenges. Some of them already have made significant steps in this respect.


Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of Research Structure

Lead country: Portugal, Morocco

This action intends to strengthen the capacity of research structures from 5+5 Member Countries, by stimulating the discussion of qualitative and innovative aspects on effective management and institutional capabilities.