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BLUEMED Call for Start up Actions!

The BLUEMED Consortium is pleased to announce that the BLUEMED Call for Start up Actions is now open!

The Start-up Actions represent concrete opportunities to explore innovative, knowledge-based pathways and forward-looking visions with a multidisciplinary, mission-oriented approach, for further uptake and developments. Addressed to entities who are willing to partner up with at least three other organisations from different countries, including one non-EU country and one private enterprise, it will fund a series of meetings leading up to a feasibility, foresight or pilot study on topics that are crucial to the future of Blue Growth in the Mediterranean, driven by the BLUEMED Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. Interested parties are invited to carefully read the Terms of Reference laying out all the conditions for applying. Each selected partnership will receive up to 32,000 Euros to cover the costs of the organisation of three workshops/meetings leading to the drafting of the studies.

Deadline for submission is the 15th July 2018.

Call and application form available here: http://www.bluemed-initiative.eu/start-up-actions/