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Save the Date! WestMED Stakeholder Conference and WestMED Project Awards

The new edition of the WestMED Stakeholder Conference, organized under the Italian and Libyan Co-Presidency of the WestMED Initiative, will take place in Rome on 9 November 2021. The Conference, which will also be streamed online, will be structured around the notion of “Corridors to Sustainable Blue Development”.

The three sessions will focus on the main political developments on the Blue Economy in the region, including a discussion of project cooperation and funding, and will be organized as follows:

Corridors to enhanced cooperation: focused on the main political developments on the Blue Economy in the region

Corridors to project cooperation: with projects that lead the way regarding impact, innovation and replicability/ transferability

Corridors to funding and financial cooperation: bridging the gap between projects and potential sources of support at the outset of the new programming period 2021-2027

The Conference will also host the Ceremony of the first edition of the WestMED Project Awards

Please find the agenda at the following link: https://www.westmed-initiative.eu/westmed-conference-2021/

You can register at this form: https://ecorysevents.eventsair.com/stakeholder-conference-2021/l/Site/Re...