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Upcoming event: workshops of the Dialogue 5+5

On November 10-12, participants from the Countries of the Dialogue 5+5 will meet to discuss important issues for the Mediterranean region.

This three-day event will be organized as follows. The first day, co-organized by Spain and Algeria, will focus on "Creating new opportunities for youth". The second day, co-organized by Spain and Morocco, will analyze the topic of "Blended learning for increasing youth opportunities", with the participation of high-level speakers, including the Director of the International Cooperation structure of OGS, Dr. Mounir Ghribi, who will speak about the importance of developing blue skills to tackle youth unemployment in the Mediterranean Region. Finally, the third day, co-organized by Spain and Tunisia, will focus on "Technology transfer and improving intellectual property management capacity".

This initiative confirms the strong willingness to collaborate at a regional level in the fields of innovation, research and higher education, to address current challenges through science diplomacy and international cooperation.

If you wish to participate to these workshops, please send an email to: fiveplusfiverihe@inogs.it

  • Resources and training material available at this page: link