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Updates from the Deep Blue project!

The Deep Blue project aims at developing skills, building capacities, and enhancing the geopolitical dialogue in the western mediterranean region through increased international scientific cooperation (science diplomacy). It focuses on the main concerns related to the sustainable blue growth in the marine environment, such as the development and sharing of tools for monitoring and assessing environmental impacts of specific maritime activities and the use of marine spatial planning through the ecosystem-based approach.

The #7 newsletter index has been published recently and is composed by the following news:

  • Let’s start again! Deep blue project activities have been relaunched after a stop due to the covid-19 pandemic situation
  • The state of the art: we added six months!
  • The crossborder online traineeship a new formula and a new challenge
  • Deep blue study visit: an online participation to the european science open forum (esof2020) in trieste
  • Forthcoming: the online training of trainers coordinate by the tunisian institute for fishery and aquaculture based in bizerte
  • New edition of the second level university master in sustainable blue growth: the call for new students is now open!

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Further info about the project on the website: http://bluegrowth.inogs.it/deepblue