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Virtual Kick Off Consultation: UfM Regional R&I Platform stakeholder

On 17 March, the UfM Regional Research and Innovation Platform will host a Virtual Kick Off Consultation to chart a course for its future.

Bringing together members of the newly established Expert Group, as well as other key stakeholders from national contact points and relevant research institutions and organisations, the meeting will build on the UfM’s longstanding commitment for an effective Euro-Mediterranean regional cooperation agenda.

The kick-off event for the consultation will open with introductions from UfM Platform Bureau co-chairs, Ms Nienke Buisman (DG Research and Innovation (RTD), European Commission) and Ms Rasha Smadi (HCST Jordan), as well as Itaf Ben Abdallah, UfM Secretariat and Senior Adviser on R&I.

Participants will discuss the horizontal integration aspects of the UfM R&I priorities, as well as the three Roadmaps/Theory of Change and Impact Pathways (TCIPs). Drafted by the Expert Group for mutual R&I cooperation development, these three roadmaps focus on the following priority areas: health, renewable energy and climate change.

The consultation process will also address the following issues: linkages between research and innovation, the major threats faced by research and development in the Mediterranean region, and how regional cooperation on science, innovation and development benefit local societies and contribute to a sustainable process.

The event is divided into two sections. First, members of the Expert Group commissioned by the UfM Platform to develop the Roadmaps will make short presentations on the state of play according to the three priority areas of Climate Change, Renewable Energies, and Health, including the Horizontal Approach to Crisis Management.

Following the presentations, invited participants will have the chance to make their preliminary remarks and ask any questions on the overall stakeholder consultation including the objectives and clarifications on how to contribute.

After registration, participants will receive the final agenda and the information to connect to the seminar a few days before the event.