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Welcome to the new Mauritanian Delegate

The Mauritanian Group of senior officials of the 5+5 Dialogue, co-chairing with Italy the 2019-2021 session of the dialogue, has a new President, namely Professor Cheikh Saad Bouh Camara. Mister Camara, Professor of sociology and economic history at the Faculty of Humanities, is the new President of the University of Nouakchott Al Aasriya (UNA). He replaces Professor Ahmedou Haouba who has retired. Prof Haouba has spent six years as a member of the 5+5 Dialogue senior officials group committee for Mauritania. During his participation in various sessions held in Rabat, Madrid, Tunis, Rome and Nouakchott, Professor Haouba has shown appreciable human and interpersonal qualities. On behalf of the whole 5+5 Dialogue senior officials group, we are pleased to welcome Prof. Camara into the group and wish Prof Haouba a rich and fulfilling retirement.